Sunday 13 January 2013

Haglofs Barrier Pro

Hi guys,

Lately my mind has been tormented by the thought of investing either in a Down or Primaloft jacket. Since the temperature has been plummeting lately, I decided to get myself a Haglofs Barrier Pro hood, made with 60g of Primaloft1, now don't expect me to get into all the techie stuffs as I'm not a professional hiker or such. I only do this as a hobby and not many times a year, though I'm trying to be as frequent as I can. So this is just my common man opinion, I have only had it for a week, seems good quality and very light, try it under the tap and looks like it has good DWR coating. I only got to wear it properly today when I was out and about walking near the Wimbledon common, ok I know it's not the Peak district or on any hills, but it was about 1C which was cold enough for me. I only had a T-shirt, micro fleece and the PL1 jacket. I must say it was not as warm as I thought it would be, but it was not really cold, surprisingly for it's thickness. I know the Jacket is part of a layering system (needed to wear a long sleeve base layer rather than a simple T-shirt), hence not made to be worn on it's own. But still I can't complain as I got it for a bargain of £100 from Blacks sales, but I must admit that I'm still thinking of getting a down jacket, why?? Guilty pleasure?? or maybe because I'm worth it. But for now we'll see how this jacket goes.

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