Sunday 17 November 2013

Hello people,

It has been a while since I last wrote anything on the blog, again due to work commitment, but here I am. I have been walking still, did some nice walk right outside London: Box Hill(Lycra Hill you’ll know what I mean) and The Devil’s Punch Bowl, both highly recommended. I must say these walk were really nice, I didn’t even expect these to be that nice.

But let’s get on my last proper wild camp, which was last weekend, me and my friend Mehdi have been thinking to try Wales more as it is nearer to drive to. This trip was supposed to have happened the week before but Mehdi got really sick and was on antibiotics. But anyway he kind of recovered a bit before that trip, but was still on antibiotics. So we met at his place and from there decided what we would do, Pen Y fan, Rhinogs or Sugar Loaf. Due to his health we decided to do Sugar Loaf, which seems much less strenuous compared to the other places.

So there we started quite late around 2pm, especially knowing that we would have much daylight and the weather was pretty rubbish.  But we decided that we were not going to chicken out and drive back home, but I had to keep an eye on Mehdi. So we kept on walking until we had about 30mins of daylight left and by then we were quite near the top of the hill, so we thought we’ll leave the top for tomorrow, hoping we would get a nice view. Hence we just started pitching our tent and settle down as well it was raining a little a bit and it was pretty windy.
We got cooking pretty much straight away as we finished pitching and I thought it was time to put something more comfortable and it was the first me wearing my Alpkit Filo on a camp and god what a pleasure it was. It was so warm and a nice feeling to the skin, as well I was so eager to unpack my new sleeping bag the Rab Neutrino 400 End. As soon as I unpacked it, you could see the lofting happening right in front of your eyes. So after eating I thought it was about time to go to lie down while listening to some music as this was going to be a long night as it was still only around 5-6pm. I kinda succumb to the comfort of the neutrino bag, it was soooo smooth that I dosed off. Somehow I got up at around 9pm plus, due to overheating in the bag and it was about 4c(and dropping due to wind chill). So me and Mehdi chat for a while to kill time and tried going back to sleep. Later this evening it started raining more and the wind was even worse. We got up in the morning, with sub zero temp and parts of my tent had frost, which I didn’t expect at all. But hey the weather was starting to look pretty good.


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