Saturday 31 May 2014


Once again I've dropped off the radar for quite a long time, due to work commitment. At some point I will have to reign that in and try to get out more. Since the being of this year I have been on 2 camping trips. The one I'm going to post here is the Pen Y fan trip. Which is probably one of my nicest one due to the breath taking view.
Again this is something that was planned 2 days before the trip pretty much last minutes. My friend came over to my place and of we went and luckily we did not encounter too much traffic on the way and the cat park near there was not too hard to find.

 Off we went and started our ascent, which in actual fact was pretty hard at the beginning and ended up being easier as we continued. 

we did somehow stop a lot to admire the beautiful scenery and tried to not get too carried away about taking photos. 
As we kept on walking we started noticing the top, but at the same time the wind was getting stronger, up to the point where you would be able to lean against it (similar to MJ in Smooth Criminal). So as it was getting late we decided to go down on the side of the mountain and put the tents up. Pitching the tents that evening was a bit of pain, due to the strong wind changing direction and it was really due to the wind chill. The strong wind was a good excuse to try my new Berghaus Ramche, which felt really nice and warm within a minute or 2.
In the morning we got up had some coffee and some Nakd Bar, which I must is one of my favourite due to the fact that they don't contain much crap. Then off we went back to the top.

  Once again we could see the top and we did not have much to cover. As we got nearer to the top we could see patches of snow, remnants from the previous weekend snow shower. It was a bit slippery to climb up to the top, but we got there in the end. The view was really magnificent and it just reminded me what I like going up mountains and hills.






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