Wednesday 24 September 2014

Trip to Tryfan

This Monday my man Medhi and I agreed to go to Tryfan, without much planning as usual and not knowing what to expect. So we just had a look at Trail magazine for a map and a route near there, that was about all the prep we did. So we got up early on Monday morning without having time for breakfast before we left. On the way not too far from north Wales we decided to have some heavy fuel for breakfast, hence decided to go to McDonald for breakfast(that was an extremely good idea).

We arrived a couple of hours later and then I realised why I always wanted to go to north Wales. It was very beautiful, one can see in
 this photo that I posted on my google+, not much photoshopping there, if any.

So here we are parking the car and getting our rucksack ready and up we went. As we got up this small path, we had one of the most spectacular and beautiful view(possibly the best amongst any trip we did).

The one surprise that me and my friend got, was that it was littered with massive Rocks everywhere, making it exciting for trying out scrambling. Here I started fooling around climbing those gigantic rocks:
  I must say it was it was our first time scrambling and we loved every second and pain of it and guess what it really was not easy with our camping gear on our back. We were blessed with a nice view of lakes nearby:

After resting near this small lake and fooling around we continued our way up Tryfan, with plenty of scrambling, I'll let the photo do the talking from here:



Here is Medhi jumping on Adam and Eve, which I was to scared to do due to my knee(chickened out basically). After all this we gruellingly and painfully came down to go and camp overnight near the lake.:

We had a really nice evening resting and staring at the lake and in the morning we got up early, packed up our gear and went back to the car. We went for a short drive not too and here is what we saw:

In the end this turned out to be the nicest camp we ever did, especially that we were very lucky with the weather. I hope there will be more to come around this amazing area of Wales.

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